These Rules and Regulations apply to both the Regular Prize Book and the Special Prize book.  Exhibitors are asked to read them and pay particular attention to the Sections they are especially interested in.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Membership in the Society shall be open to all persons 18 years of age and over, on payment of the annual fee. The Junior Fair is open to those 17 years of age and under. All memberships must be paid BEFORE exhibiting.
  2. The attention of the exhibitors is particularly directed to the Special Regulations of each class.
  3. All live stock or produce entered for exhibition must be the property of the person in whose name it is entered, at least one month prior to the Fair.
  4. If any article is entered in any class to which it does not belong, the judges are not to award it a prize, no matter what its merits may be.
  5. All exhibits for the hall shall be handed over at the door to the directors in charge and these directors alone shall have the authority to place the exhibits in their place within the hall.
  6. The hall will be open Thursday evening prior to the first day of exhibition from 2pm to 9pm to receive exhibits for the hall.
  7. Absolutely no exhibits may be removed prior to 4pm on the Saturday of Fair Day. The hall will be closed at 4pm to allow individual exhibitors to pick up their work.
  8. All exhibits to be judged in the hall must be in their place in the hall on Thursday evening by 9pm. No articles will be received after that time and no articles will be allowed to compete for both a society prize and a Special Prize unless otherwise specified. Judging will begin at 9am sharp on Friday morning.
  9. The sample of seed and grain for exhibit must be grown in the current year or the previous year on the farm of the person in whose name they are entered.
  10. All exhibits of manufactured articles, handicraft and home craft must be made personally by and are the property of the exhibitor, and no article may be exhibited for more than two (2) years.
  11. Judges will be authorized by the directors to discard all soiled, frayed or old work and instructed to award prizes to new and up to date work.
  12. All bread exhibits must be uniform in size, baked in appropriate sized pans, specials included, unless otherwise specified. All canned goods must be show in container specified in class – standard pint or quart, or milliliter to litre sealers and sealed. For OAAS size is maximum 9x5x3” pan, minimum 4x8x2 ½”.
  13. No person shall make more than one entry of a kind in the same class in exhibits for the hall. No judge can be exhibitor in a class in which he/she is a judge.
  14. The decision of the judge in all classes is final, except when a rule of the society has been violated.
  15. All live stock must be on the grounds no later than 11 am on the second day of the exhibit (Saturday) and must remain on the grounds until 4pm or until permission is given to remove them.
  16. An exhibitor or person in charge of exhibitor’s stock must be present to explain to the public about their display.
  17. Membership ticket admits one member to the grounds and must be shown to the gate keeper. The hall will be open to the public from 9am to 4pm on the second day of the Fair.
  18. The Directors will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition, but they wish it to be distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting articles. Should any articles(s) be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen the directors will give all the assistance in their power toward the recovery of same, but will make no payment for the injured, lost or stolen article.
  19. The cost of the membership fee will be retained from all prize winners 18 years and over for the following year.
  20. Any member violating the rules of the Society will be liable to forfeit his/her prize money.
  21. All cheques to be presented by October 15th of the year issued to enable the Treasurer to close out the year-end books at November 30th of that year in preparation to present the books to our auditors for audit prior to the annual meeting.
  22. Prizes shall be paid after the Fair at the Awards Night. In the case of conflict, please present both tickets and entry list to the Secretary.
  23. Any person who shall attempt to interfere with or influence the Judges while in the discharge of their duties, or who shall at any time on the premises of the Association, use any contemptuous or abusive language to a Judge or within his hearing in consequence of any award made by a Judge, shall forfeit his right to any premiums to which he might otherwise be entitled, and may be precluded from exhibiting for one year thereafter. Judges are particularly requested to report any offense in this direction.
  24. Note: The Directors will be responsible for the payment of prize money only to the extent that the revenue of the society will permit. A percentage on the dollar will be paid to balance the budget if receipts are not sufficient to meet liabilities.
  25. The Prize Lists(s) is subject to corrections or typographical errors and/or omissions. In case of disagreement, the ruling of the Board of Directors shall be final.
  26. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, make such further regulations as may be deemed necessary for the proper management of the Society.
  27. All protests must be made in writing and must be mailed to the Secretary within 24 hours of the Fair. It must state plainly the cause of the complaint or appeal and must be accompanied by a deposit of $5.00, which will be forfeited, to the Society if the protest is not sustained.
  28. The Secretary of the Magnetawan Agricultural Society retains a list of names and addresses of all members for the sole purpose of forwarding prize money and Fair related information. The names are not given out for any other purpose.


1. All photographs must be taken by exhibitor, suitably displayed on black media with a minimum 1” border, no frames. Photographs ONLY to be judged. One corner must be left unattached for judging.

2. For this class all entries must be shown 1 year only. Any photo shown more than once (a year) will be disqualified.

3. Picture must have been taken since last year’s Fair by exhibitor.

4. Black and white or colour photographs are acceptable unless specified.

5. No scanned photos or digital photos are to be altered.

6. Digital print must represent the quality and character of the original print.

7. Colour correction and tonal cast changes are acceptable for digital photographs.  Compositional changes will result in disqualification.