Agricultural Society

  1. Can anyone come to the meetings?

    Yes, everyone is welcome. The meetings happen every second Thursday of the month at the Magnetawan Friendship Club.

  2. What does the Agricultural Society do?

    The Magnetawan Agricultural Society began in 1877 as a social event for the pioneer families in our area. They displayed their talents and industry that they had brought with them from overseas and that they had learned in these harsh conditions.

    This tradition continues today and provides means of encouraging interest, promoting improvements in and advances the standards of agriculture, domestic industry and rural life. It’s not just for local people but to educate the general public. There are children from the city that really believe milk comes in clear plastic bags and that chickens lay more than one egg each day. Our Annual Fall Fair provides a lot of fun for the family, through exhibits, displays, demonstrations and musical entertainment.

    We are a not for profit organization that operates under the guidance of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies. Each year we have two major fundraising events the first of which is our Pancake Breakfast on April 13th beginning at 9am. President for 2014, (and Deputy Mayor), Charlie Gray will be there cooking in the kitchen or serving scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes and more.

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